Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Clancy's Tavern

Please, please, let Toby's new album be more - much more - in the style of the single Made in America* and less - lots less - in the style of Red Solo Cup**.

* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pure awesomeness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
** wtf?!

UPDATE:  HUGE sigh of relief and BIG smiles!  Clancy’s Tavern, both the song and album, are already on my faves lists.  RSC, on the other hand, shall never be thought of nor mentioned ever again....

Monday, October 24, 2011

Kindle Touch, Part Two

I was talking to a colleague who didn't understand why I wanted a new Kindle if it wasn't going to be the Kindle Fire.  I explained that I spend much of my work time - and then schoolwork time after that - staring at a computer screen, so that's the last thing I want to look at when I finally get a few moments to read something for pleasure.  If you've never seen one, the Kindle E ink screen is different than a computer, iPad, or iPod screen - it's really more like reading a piece of paper. 

As we continued talking about the new versions of Kindles and the pros and cons, he asked why I was hesitating when the new Kindle Touch I want is only a hundred bucks.  On the one hand, $100 is nothing to trifle with in this economy, but in my head I'd been thinking "Kindle=Big Bucks" because the price of my original Kindle, purchased as a birthday gift two and a half years ago, was a hefty $350 (fortunately subsidized by family and friends).  Compared to that, maybe throwing a C-note at a first-generation piece of technology isn't so crazy after all...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Big Screen

A friend who remembered my long-time desire to replace my 19’ TV (pathetic, I know) with a projection system came into possession of an old, heavy, but still functioning projector.  It was GLORIOUS to see the huge images flickering across the wall.  The colors were fantastic and it even has a speaker so I didn’t have to drag my floor models out of storage and tempt the cats with wiring (Pye once chewed a power cord).  I lost count of how many times I paused on images to gaze upon the larger-than-life (almost movie size!) loveliness displayed in my living room. {BIG sigh of contentment}

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kindle Touch

I must show restraint:  I will not buy a first-generation Kindle Touch.  Even tho' it has Wi-Fi, which I have at home, instead of 3G, which I don't.  It's first generation, which means I should wait.  Patience...  Patience...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Update Arrrgh!

I spent an hour last night re-installing and re-arranging the apps on Serenity because Apple applied an update that utterly destroyed all my careful customization. Deep breath...

Another Degree

As some of you know, I have begun working on my second master's degree (for librarians additional degrees are like cats - you can't have just one). The new one is a Master of Education in Educational Technology. One of the assignments is to start a website for posting some of the assignments and the final project, so here's Amy's ETEC Experience.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

ENG 215

English class is learning about blogs.

Monday, May 23, 2011


It's official and I have a certified letter to prove it!

"... very pleased to inform you that ... the Board of Regents approved your application for tenure and promotion to the rank of Librarian III ... Thank you for your continued contributions on behalf of your profession and the University."

Why, no, my feet aren't touching the ground today!



Go me!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Do you take your refrigerator for granted?

The next time you go searching for a snack, take a moment to ask yourself how you would fare (pun intended) if your cold food storage unit suddenly decided it was too tired to keep its cool any longer. Do you have a cooler large enough for the basics? What provisions are you going to lose because a cooler is smaller than a fridge? How long does it take to get a new fridge delivered? In my case: No. A lot. 4 days.

On the positive side, I got a 10% discount on an Energy Star unit, can apply for a $125 rebate for replacing the old one, and should start having a lower electric bill each month. And I never really liked the fridge that came with the house anyway...

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Have You Ever Noticed?...

...the invitation to the class reunion in Grosse Pointe Blank says "Dress to Kill."

Monday, February 14, 2011

iPod Touch, Part Two

Well, that was easy...

My very wonderful Dad* has a membership at Sam's Club, which was having a "no interest for a year" special - I had to get the 64 GB to qualify, but the payment terms make the higher price worth it.

I spent hours - literally - yesterday getting acquainted and I think this is going to work just as well as I had hoped: I already have a to-do list with several items on it, a shopping list, and a notes program to jot down all the things I want to remember - books to read, movie recommendations, which brand of cheese not to buy. Might sound silly, but I forget if I don't write things down and it's getting worse as I get older. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Next step: transferring my contacts and calendar from myYahoo - no more forgetting the address/phone book or not knowing what my schedule is when somebody asks if we can meet, because this organizer is going everywhere with me.

I also had some fun in the Apps Store - all for free! Pandora, NASA, BBC News. There was even a free book - title predetermined - with the iBooks download: Winnie-the-Pooh!! The title choice somehow seems like a stamp of approval from the universe, that this was a good choice and not the extravagance it still feels like.

The naming process was especially difficult this time, but in the end I decided to re-use the name from the computer I don't have anymore because I am hoping that this new companion will bring much Serenity into my life.

* He also reads my blog...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Off The Map

Although set "Somewhere in South America" Off the Map is actually filmed in Hawai‘i*.

I know some people who have been working as extras on the show - have you ever watched a TV show trying to find people in the background? It's not easy, for several reasons - extras are usually:
  • out of focus
  • in crowd shots
  • only on camera for a few seconds
  • on the edge of the screen
Oh, and it really, really doesn't help that the lead actor is so incredibly distracting.

* Yes, the scenery actually looks like that. Yes, the greens are actually that green and the blues that blue. Yes, I live in the most beautiful place on earth.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

iPod Touch

I'm thinking of taking the plunge and getting an iPod Touch. Does anyone have one? Like it? Problems?*

What I really need is a PDA - calendar, address/phone book, to do list, voice memo recorder- but the thief who broke into the house** stole mine and you can't buy PDAs anymore 'cause everything's smartphones now and I most definitely do NOT need a smartphone - I don't need to hike up the cost of my cell phone bill for more minutes that I won't use (my current plan is only 6o minutes/month and I don't even use all of them) and I certainly don't need to then add more $$ for a data plan that I'm not going to use since both work and home have wireless - which the 4th generation Touch can use - and I'm rarely anywhere else.

Make sense? Anyone have a better idea to get me organized? I think the iPod Touch is the way to go, but $275*** is a bit steep, hence my waffling and plea for information....

* My iPod classic - which I love - has recently started giving me static - literally - when I adjust the volume - very annoying. I'd be grateful for any pointers with that, too.
** Thankfully the cats were not harmed and didn't escape out the open window, nothing of great monetary value was taken, and there was no vandalism - it could have been much, much worse.
** * My tech guy, whom I trust, insists that the 8GB isn't worth it, that I need to go with at least the 32GB.