Monday, October 24, 2011

Kindle Touch, Part Two

I was talking to a colleague who didn't understand why I wanted a new Kindle if it wasn't going to be the Kindle Fire.  I explained that I spend much of my work time - and then schoolwork time after that - staring at a computer screen, so that's the last thing I want to look at when I finally get a few moments to read something for pleasure.  If you've never seen one, the Kindle E ink screen is different than a computer, iPad, or iPod screen - it's really more like reading a piece of paper. 

As we continued talking about the new versions of Kindles and the pros and cons, he asked why I was hesitating when the new Kindle Touch I want is only a hundred bucks.  On the one hand, $100 is nothing to trifle with in this economy, but in my head I'd been thinking "Kindle=Big Bucks" because the price of my original Kindle, purchased as a birthday gift two and a half years ago, was a hefty $350 (fortunately subsidized by family and friends).  Compared to that, maybe throwing a C-note at a first-generation piece of technology isn't so crazy after all...

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