Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pool Time Update

It's been two months and most weeks I've made it to the pool 3 times a week.  Not every week, but I'm satisfied that this new exercise regimen has taken hold.  The most difficult thing is forcing myself to get out of the pool to take a shower and get to work on time! 

I'm also gradually changing the way I eat - a major hurdle - to accommodate the exercise since I can't jog on an empty stomach - nor on a full one - so I'm experimenting with small, nutritious, safe-to-eat-while-driving snacks.

My first goal is the stamina to stand all day at WDW at the end of the year.  So far, I'm usually able to feel satisfied with my progress as a good start after years of not doing anything, although I sometimes vacillate between "this is a good start" and "I'm not progressing fast enough."  Only time will tell.


Another quote of the day from my Mutts comic email:

"The moon is one, but on agitated water it produces many reflections.

Similarly ultimate reality is one, yet it appears to be many in a mind agitated by thoughts."

~ ~ Maharamayana

Friday, March 30, 2012

Carbon Map

I didn't need another reason to feel bloated, but here it is.  The Carbon Map seeks to make "sense of climate change responsibility and vulnerability."  The short intro video is worth a watch (and watching the U.S. will explain the bloated reference).