Monday, April 14, 2008

Podcast Suggestions

I'm looking for interesting podcasts - any recommendations?


Tuesday, April 08, 2008


I had an absolutely fabulous time visiting Mom. We talked and hiked and talked and went to the beach and talked and ate and talked.... Mom is still doing great, living her dream, loving life.

Except for missing my babies, I didn’t want to come home. If I could figure out how to swing it, I’d go back in right now and not come back out.

For those I’ve friended on flickr, I’ve posted new photos. If you’re not currently my flickr friend and would like to be, email me and let me know.

amy96839 at yahoo dot com


My grandfather died one year ago today.

He was a wonderful man: kind, giving, caring. He was spiritual, attended church regularly, and participated with church activities. He was married (and widowed) twice, both times to (in my opinion) difficult women. He served in World War II, worked for Corning Glass until retirement, drove for Meals on Wheels. He lived alone, drove himself, was full of life until the very end, and even had a new lady-friend – he had a more active social life than I do!

My grandfather was possibly the sweetest person I’ve ever known. I miss him.