Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lousy Timing

Why do the ideas wait until I decide to go to bed?

Why is it that I can sit for hours reading, researching, thinking, writing and having nothing to show for it and finally be so tired that I call it a night, and ONLY THEN will the ideas start to flow so quickly that I can barely (and sometimes not at all) scribble them down.

And then there’s such a sense of loss for the ones I couldn’t pen in time. Was there a real gem in there that I’ve now lost forever, or was it just so-so, and it’s okay that it’s now gone?

And even if I do get all the ideas down, there’s the agony of trying to decipher my handwriting, which is not good even on my best days and deteriorates rapidly the longer and faster I write.

Anyway, I’ve got a presentation in my English class tomorrow, and the ideas were for that and I think they’re good ones, so I’m grateful they showed up, but two hours earlier would have been nicer...

Monday, February 27, 2006

White Trash With Money

Toby Keith has released the first single from his next album, and while Get Drunk and Be Somebody doesn't have as tight a grip on me as Honkytonk U did last year, any new Toby Keith material is reason to celebrate in my book.

And celebrate I shall, because the new album, White Trash With Money, is set to be released on April 11, just in time....

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Graffiti Blues

I finally got around to replacing Jade, my 6-year old PDA that died last year.

{Yes, I named my handheld. I've named her successor, my laptop, and my car. Get over it.}

During the past 6 years, I've gotten fairly proficient at Graffiti, the writing software that Palm uses to input data. It's got some quirks, but then, so do I :) Most of the time, I'm able to input what I meant the first time and be pretty quick about it, too. I even occasionally find myself writing Graffiti characters when using pen and paper. Habits can be a terrible thing...

But when I got the new unit I discovered that Palm has changed to Graffiti 2 and it's making me crazy… um, you know, crazier than usual.

While the original Graffiti uses only one stroke per character, some of the G2 characters use 2 strokes. But the one stroke character will show on the screen first, and if you complete the second stroke quickly enough, it will change to the 2-stroke character. Too slow? Backstroke over that character and try again, loser.

As if that isn't frustrating enough, some of the strokes I'm used to are now assigned to a different character, e.g., the stroke I'm used to for the letter 'k' now produces an ampersand. I am not amused.

I've been doing a little investigating to see if I can somehow program it to use the original Graffiti instead, but I haven't had any luck yet. So now it looks like to be able to write how I want on my handheld, I will have to pay for a new software program.

Has anyone else had this problem? More importantly, has anyone else been able to fix it without forking over any more dough?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Lost Brothers?

I've recently gotten hooked on watching videos courtesy of Yahoo! -- no, really, I'm getting work done, too -- and was reminded again of how much Jon Bon Jovi, Viggo Mortensen, Kevin Sorbo, and Kevin Kay look alike.

Some of you won't know the last name, but ya just gotta trust me, he belongs on the list.

I've thought for a long time that the two Kevins looked alike and maybe the rest is just that thanx to S. I get to see a lot of photos of Viggo, but when I was watching some of the newer Bon Jovi videos yesterday, the thought smacked me again.

Anyone want to tell me I'm crazy?

Anyone want to back me up?

Thursday, February 23, 2006


The experts say –

Digression: Any time you read “The experts say” make sure you ask ‘Which experts? From where? How long have they been studying this? From where did they get their funding?’ All good questions that I’m not going to document for this post – I’ve done some reading on the subject, you can do your own research if you’re really interested. End of digression.

– that humans dream every night. I’ll take their word for it (for now), but if I am dreaming every single night, I certainly don’t remember most of my dreams.

I used to have recurring dreams (no, not about guys or sex, darn it!) but, although I can still remember a few of them, I haven’t actually dreamed (dreamt?) them in many years.

I still have anxiety dreams. I used to have them at the beginning of every semester. The most recent one was just before my presentation at the Hawaii Library Association’s Annual Conference in November 2005 (which actually went very well).

My dreams usually make no sense. The “experts” say dreams are a way for the mind to ponder daytime problems and suggest solutions. Well, if my mind is coming up with solutions while I sleep, it’s not sharing them once I wake up.

In my dreams, places are not identifiable, they change suddenly and randomly, people morph into other people, a person will be an amalgamation of two or more people – confusing stuff like that. So, except for the anxiety dreams – I grok those – I’ve managed to convince myself that my dreams usually don’t mean anything.

Until I have one that might.

What do I do then?

Do I try to struggle with deciphering the meaning? Or do I get a drink of water and go back to sleep?

Last night I had a dream that really shook me. I tried to tell myself that it couldn’t possibly mean what it seemed to mean. When that didn’t work, I started a dream journal (my mind, wisely, made me make no promises on how long I will keep it going).

I was worried that thinking about it and writing it out might wake me up too much and I wouldn’t be able to get back to sleep, but it worked out okay. I had another dream, but it didn’t make as much of an impact as the first, so I didn’t remember it for long or record it.

But that first one is still front-and-center this morning and I have a feeling it’s going to stick with me for a long time....

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

English Class

We had our first in-class writing in my English 303 class today. We knew it was going to be something about comparing / contrasting characters. And I could have sworn that last week the instructor said we could use our books and notes. So I worried about it a little, but not too much.

Until the assignment was handed out and she said NO books or notes.


Suddenly, I couldn't remember anything: titles of plays, names of characters, plots, actions, consequences...

Fortunately, it's the first major assignment and I've got plenty of time to do well on everything else...

But it's still disappointing....

Fair Warning

Last night as I was trying to fall asleep, I found myself having a little discussion with, well, myself:

"You need to write everyday."

Yeah, I know. I try, but...

"Okay, you need a different kind of goal, so let's say that you have to post to your blog everyday."

I don't have access to the Internet everyday.

"Fine, but every day that you do, agreed?"

What if I can't think of anything to write?

"Then write that."

I agreed, mostly so my brain would shut up and I could go to sleep. So here's fair warning that even tho' I'll be posting more often, I (we) don't guarantee that it will be interesting. But it will be fulfilling a goal, so please bear with me.

At least I don't have to worry about staying on topic, since this blog doesn't really have one :)-

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Brokeback Mountain?

So, two colleagues and I were talking about movies and I mentioned Brokeback Mountain. Which, of course, led to the inevitable "The gay cowboy movie?"

But then the conversation took a more unconventional turn...

Colleague 1: "What's Brokeback mean?"
Me: "It's just the name of the mountain."
Colleague 2: "So, it's not a broke back from the mounting?"

It took a few minutes, but I finally got my breath back and picked myself up off the floor before they had to call the ambulance....

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


As I pulled into the driveway last night, the radio was playing Toby Keith's 'Big Blue Note'.

As I pulled out of the driveway today, the radio was playing Toby Keith's 'Big Blue Note'.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Cute but also Sad

This is a very cute idea -- leave it to the Japanese! -- but also a sad commentary on modern humanity that the last sentence needs to be stated. At least they didn't put in a disclaimer that the elderly-care robots "were not capable of doing everything human nurses can do."