Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dresden Files

Once again*, I get hooked on a TV show and it gets canceled after a short run. And people wonder why I don't have cable...

Anyway, I really enjoyed the 12 episodes of The Dresden Files and if enough people buy the DVD {hint, hint} maybe we can initiate a reincarnation -- hey, it worked for Firefly.

Although not true to some of the details of the book series by Jim Butcher (which I am absolutely hooked on), I think the TV series captured the spirit of the world Butcher created.

And Paul Blackthorne is the ideal Harry Dresden. Mahalo, Paul, for bringing Harry to life so perfectly.

* Other short-lived shows that I liked: Brimstone, Mann and Machine, Now and Again (no, not the Sela Ward show - that was Once and Again).

There you have it, more evidence of what a strange, strange person I am...