Thursday, February 10, 2011

iPod Touch

I'm thinking of taking the plunge and getting an iPod Touch. Does anyone have one? Like it? Problems?*

What I really need is a PDA - calendar, address/phone book, to do list, voice memo recorder- but the thief who broke into the house** stole mine and you can't buy PDAs anymore 'cause everything's smartphones now and I most definitely do NOT need a smartphone - I don't need to hike up the cost of my cell phone bill for more minutes that I won't use (my current plan is only 6o minutes/month and I don't even use all of them) and I certainly don't need to then add more $$ for a data plan that I'm not going to use since both work and home have wireless - which the 4th generation Touch can use - and I'm rarely anywhere else.

Make sense? Anyone have a better idea to get me organized? I think the iPod Touch is the way to go, but $275*** is a bit steep, hence my waffling and plea for information....

* My iPod classic - which I love - has recently started giving me static - literally - when I adjust the volume - very annoying. I'd be grateful for any pointers with that, too.
** Thankfully the cats were not harmed and didn't escape out the open window, nothing of great monetary value was taken, and there was no vandalism - it could have been much, much worse.
** * My tech guy, whom I trust, insists that the 8GB isn't worth it, that I need to go with at least the 32GB.

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Anonymous said...

Serena's father and brother both have the 32GB IPOD's and both love them.