Sunday, February 13, 2011

Off The Map

Although set "Somewhere in South America" Off the Map is actually filmed in Hawai‘i*.

I know some people who have been working as extras on the show - have you ever watched a TV show trying to find people in the background? It's not easy, for several reasons - extras are usually:
  • out of focus
  • in crowd shots
  • only on camera for a few seconds
  • on the edge of the screen
Oh, and it really, really doesn't help that the lead actor is so incredibly distracting.

* Yes, the scenery actually looks like that. Yes, the greens are actually that green and the blues that blue. Yes, I live in the most beautiful place on earth.


S.O.B. said...

Filmed in Whitmore village, Kualoa Ranch, and for the bullfight, Flying R ranch in North shore.

Amy said...

A bullfight? Something to look forward to...