Monday, October 06, 2008

Naming Objects

I knew I wasn't the only one, but now someone else has admitted it. Hooray!

For me:
  • Car = Beauty
  • Computer = Serenity {yes, I know the car should be Serenity, but I got the computer before the car, so the name was already taken}
  • 1st PDA = Jade (she, yes she, was a beautiful green)
  • 2nd PDA = Panda 'cause it (yes, it) is black and white and when I was trying to name it, Mom had just watched Mulan

Why is Panda an it when Jade was a she? 'Cause I could actually use the Grafitti writing system that Jade came with - I even still find myself occasionally using the symbols when writing with pen and paper. When I had to replace Jade several years later, Palm had changed the writing system and I never got the hang of it. Not Panda's fault, I know, but I'm an irrational human - so sue me...

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