Friday, May 28, 2010

Home Improvements

Here are some of the results of Dad's visit. There will be a part two with more photos eventually...

We lifted the composite boards from the covered back porch and moved them out here. Although I helped a little with the framing, Dad laid this all on his own.

Note the new security screen door. We also installed one of these on the back door to increase the air flow in the house with the added bonus that the cats love sitting in front of them and watching the world outside fly, creep, and crawl by.

This new room encloses the washer & dryer, water heater, water pump. Once I get it finished and painted it will be the screen for the projector. Unbelievably, none of the cats has climbed on top. Yet.

Obviously I have some painting to do here, too, around the new, smaller vanity and mirror in the master bath.

The new vanity and mirror in the guest bath are an even bigger improvement: the old vanity stuck way out (see below).

Old vanity:

A HUGE mahalo to Dad for these and all the other projects he completed. More photos soon...

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