Monday, July 17, 2006


I owe Mercedes Lackey an apology. For my 52 in 52 reading challenge in 2005, I read the first four books in her Elemental Masters series and dismissed them as not re-readable. Must’ve been the mood I was in at the time, ‘cause I’ve just re-read them and did enjoy them.

Why did I reread them when I said that I probably wouldn’t? No clue. Happened to see one at the library, picked it up, read it, went back for the others. And now that I know there's a fifth one, I'll be visiting my library again.

And why, back then, did I not like the fact that she was using traditional fairy tales? There are plenty of re-tellings of stories that I enjoy, some of them quite a lot.

If anyone out there figures me out, would you have the decency to clue me in? Pretty please?

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