Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Stuffing Saga

It was like my life was being orchestrated from behind the scenes by the director of a comedy skit....

Last week, I went to Safeway to get one of those bags of Love's stuffing cubes so Mom could make stuffing for Thanksgiving. I called Mom from the store to say that I thought the price was a bit high (but what did I know? I don't cook!) and she agreed that at over $4 for a single bag, it was pricey, but probably because it's only available during the holidays. We really wanted stuffing, though, so I worked through my sticker shock and bought just one bag.

Mom came over on Wednesday and we needed to do some other shopping. Here's where the comedy starts:

We went to Cost-U-Less (a small, non-member Costco-like place here in Hilo) where the bags of stuffing cubes were only $3 something. So we got another bag, just for good measure.

Then we went to KTA to get cat food. And here, the stuffing cubes were $5... for 2 bags!

Someone must have been following me around with a hidden camera saying, "She's going into this store now. Quick, lower the price on the stuffing cubes!" If we had hit one more store, they probably would have only been $1 a bag...

And then there was the Sara Lee pumpkin pie with the bottom crust that wouldn't cook.

But other than that, the 6 days I spent with Mom were Really Wonderful!! We watched movies and went hiking in Kilauea Iki crater and floated in the hot springs and played Disney Trivia, where my dear Mother proceeded to win all 5 times!

So, how was your Thanksgiving?


S.O.B. said...

Just stuffing? No turkey? Sara Lee?! Sara friggin' Lee?!? OMG! What happened to the traditional Thanksgiving meal at Anna Millers, followed by Mince meat for me and Pumpkin chiffon for you? And then maybe a movie, like Vertigo. Now that's Thanksgiving!

Amy said...

Well, for one thing, Anna Millers is on Oahu and I'm not!

C'mon, we didn't have just stuffing and pie -- we also had Un-Turkey (Mom's vegan, remember?), mashed potatoes, green beans, peas, cranberry sauce...

...And then we watched Nightmare Before Christmas.

Except for the non-turkey (I did miss real turkey) and pie crust, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Lori said...

Mmmmm.... stuffing. We had all that traditional stuff, except no sweet potatoes. Craziness, I tell you.