Friday, September 23, 2005

Today's Date?

All week long I've had trouble remembering the date --'I dunno, um, September 20-something?' But not today. Today's date comes easily. Because in 7 days it will be September 30th. In less than 168 hours, I am going to spend all damn day in my local theatre watching, re-watching, and re-watching Serenity.

Hey, it's my personal day off and my money. I can do what I want.

Yeah, it's gonna be that good....

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S.O.B. said...

Have you seen "Corpse Bride"? It's wonderful. "With this candle, I will be your light. With my hand I shall lift you up. Your cup shall never be empty, for I shall be your wine." -Victor (Johnny Depp)Tim Burton is a genuis.