Sunday, November 26, 2006

MS Thesaurus

Microsoft Word has me scratching my head again.

I wanted a synonym for the word 'information' and since there was a cat on my lap and my thesaurus was on the other side of the room, I decided to see if MS Word had any good suggestions.

Yes, I was balancing the laptop computer on the lap desk and the cat on my lap all at the same time. Obviously, it was Oreo and not either of the boys or there wouldn't have been room. There wasn't really enough room for her, but she was so insistent. And purring....

Anyway, which of these do you think I should use:

in order
in sequence
in turn
in rank
in a row


And here I thought we were living in the Information Age?


Lori said...

in . . . . . . . formation, dahlink. :-)

S.O.B. said...

Post more shtuff! Now!

You too miss Lori!