Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Matter of Courtesy

Picture this:

Your favorite radio station is giving away a CD that you want. You’re the correct caller and the DJ (announcer?) tells you you’ve won. You say, “Wow! Really? That’s great!”


What’s the next thing you say?

I listen to a country music station that’s broadcast from the Mainland and they have contests every Thursday and most weekends. I hear a lot of calls, received from cities and towns all over this nation, where people have just been told that someone is going to give them something. And only one out of every twenty or thirty says what I consider the natural, logical next thing: Thanks.

I’m going to refrain on posing this as a commentary on our modern, materialistic, “I deserve this” society.

Or maybe I’m not…

1 comment:

S.illy O.ld B.ear said...

Thank you for friday the 13th.
Thank you for 13 years.
Thank You for the next 13 years.
(And the next 13 after that)
Thank you for being you.
Thank God we found each other, when so many others are still seeking, and some will never find their soulmate.