Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fall 2006 Chaos

The beginning of a semester (especially Fall) is always a particularly busy time, but the past four weeks have been almost non-stop chaos.

The telephone service on campus has been intermittent: one minute the phones will work, a few minutes later all you get is static. They’ll occasionally cut off in the middle of a conversation (the way I thought only mobile phones do) or randomly delete voice mail. And nobody knows why.

The wireless reception on campus is strong and covers numerous areas, except in the library, where the signal is weaker and covers fewer areas than last semester. And nobody knows why.

The networked print system is clogging so badly that after clearing the print queue, the computer has to be turned off and back on. Not just rebooted, but completely powered down. And nobody knows why.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. We are all running around playing firemen, drowning flames that appear to be quenched, only to find that they were just smoldering and have burst into life again.

Could somebody please figure out why?

1 comment:

Daniel said...

hmmmm.... must be that 'magnetic' personality you have... heh heh ;)

may it calm down for you soon.