Friday, March 10, 2006

My Daddy

I want to say a big, public "Mahalo nui loa" to my dad for being there when I needed him. It was 3 a.m. Hawaii time, I was scared, confused, uncertain, frazzled -- you get the picture. He was calm, cool, and collected and knew exactly how to fix my problem. I love you, Poppy!


jack said...

And if your dad is ok with it, I'll send Roy and Johnny over... :-D

Glad you are feeling better.

S.O.B. said...

As of this post, you are now 17 days overdue for another post. Where is your commitment to writing? The world is a little darker without you, get on the stick!

S.O.B. said...

Write something! NOW!! Hookey dookey? Here, riff off of this...(Like a Jazz musician)
She arrived home at 10:35, from darkness to darkness, the dim cresant moon just letting her see the difference beetween the walkway and the moonshadow trees on the grass. Entering her two bedroom townhome was no different. She only had two cats both darker than the absensence of light. She couldn't see them well on her ebony rug during the day much less at night. She fumbled for the light and

Feel free to correct grammer and repost. Maybe we could get a short story round robin going, Hookey?

S.O.B. said...

Wow, it's only been three hours and I'd like to rewrite the whole thing. Hoy about you?