Friday, March 03, 2006


I've been working on consolidating the Astronomy and Physics guides and updating the design to conform to the new, snazzier style of the Counseling Psychology and Education guides.

So, I started reviewing the encyclopedias and dictionaries we have. Have we purchased any new ones since the guides were last updated? (Yes) Are there any newer editions for some of our older volumes? (Yes) Are there any older volumes that don't have newer editions that should be removed from the guide? (Yes)

And that's when I realized I require a radical shift in my thinking and the criteria I'm using because 1997 was 9 years ago.

The 90s just don't seem like they happened that long ago. Intellectually I know that 1990 was 16 years ago, but emotionally the thought that I could have a teenager just does not compute.

Along these same lines, I'm having a lot of difficulty accepting that I will turn 37 this year. I haven't had issues with my age before, but suddenly it doesn't seem like I can really be as old as the calendar says I am...


Daniel said...

the calendar lies. ;)

trust your base instincts that tell you you are only as old as you make yourself feel.

one is never too old to start something new or take off in a new direction or explore new territory or learn something completely new.

never. the trick is in the doing.

remember that and you will do well.

so sayeth the about to be 38-going-on-23-year-old... ;)

Daniel said...

besides, remember that when we 1st met I thought you were lucky to be 30... :)