Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Letter of the Day: E

Today is Earth Day. And I'm doing better with recycling, reusing, reducing.

But for me, today is more about another "E": Escrow. As in I made an offer to buy a house and they made a counter-offer which I accepted and now I'm in escrow.

Here's another "E" word: Excited. And a non-E word that's just as applicable: Nervous.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!!! Will you post pictures?

Nancy in Ohio

Amy said...

Yes, but not until after everything is finalized. I don't want to jinx it (there's still so much that can go wrong). But thanks for the support!

virtuallori said...

Holy carp, Ames! Congratulations!

Silverbright said...

So way belated congrats! How exciting=) When do you close?