Monday, April 09, 2007

My Own Web Domain

Some of you might remember the original homepage for my website. It had a wonderful graphic of books on a bookshelf that D spent many hours creating and fiddling with.

The original intent was that each book would be clickable and lead to a page of {supposedly} interesting stuff. I was also going to use my website as a portal for my home research business – hey, this was back before Google convinced everyone they could find everything themselves in .06 seconds.

But with the plethora of free options like Blogger, Flickr, and wikis, I’ve begun to wonder if I really need my own domain that I’m not using. On the one hand, it’s approx. $100/year for something I might want some day. On the other hand, it’s approx. $100/year for something I haven’t used in a long time.

Opinions, anyone?


S.O.B. said...

"Full Throttle, The Devin York Story", isn't that a movie about this guy who falls for a femme fatale in a library and trades in his ordinary life for one with a beautiful librarian?

Amy said...

Testing the new email address for comments.