Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sick, Again

I've managed to catch another cold. At least now I know it's not being on Oahu that makes me sick...

All I drink when I'm sick is orange juice. This time, I decided to try some zinc lozenges. I was a little perturbed to find that I couldn't drink any citrus 1/2 hour before or after sucking on one of the lozenges, but decided that it was still worth a try -- mostly because I had already bought them.

Several colleagues asked what I was taking for my cold, and then each proceeded to offer advice. Unfortunately, it turned out to be mutually contradictory advice:

1. You need both the orange juice and the zinc. And be sure to get plenty of rest.
2. You don't need the zinc lozenges. Orange juice has all the zinc you need. And be sure to get plenty of rest.
3. You don't need the orange juice. The zinc will do more than the vitamin C. And be sure to get plenty of rest.

I'm quite dizzy now, so I think I'll go curl up under the covers...

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