Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Itinerary

A stipulation of my contract is that I attend a distance learning conference. The one that I've chosen is in Portland, Oregon at the beginning of November.

If you think I'm going all the way to the mainland for a conference and then turning around and coming straight home, we obviously haven't met -- Hi, I'm Amy and I'm not crazy about flying. Yes, I do live in the middle of the Pacific, in the most isolated place on the planet, but let's set that conundrum aside for a moment....

So, in an attempt to get as much out of this opportunity as possible, my schedule is thus:

Leave Hilo on Friday, October 27.

Spend an hour in Honolulu racing from the inter-island terminal to the mainland terminal. I hope they can check my luggage through from Hilo directly to Seattle. I really hope they don't lose my luggage between Hilo and Seattle.

Arrive Seattle 10 pm.
Pray that I can recognize my own brother, whom I've not seen in more than 12 years. Now you know why I'm going through Seattle -- my stepmother, her parents, my stepbrother, his wife and their two children. Lots of family I either haven't seen in almost a teenager's lifetime or have never met.

Drive from Seattle to Portland on Wednesday, November 1.
Wish me luck -- it will be the longest I've driven in many years.

Attend WCET conference on November 2, 3, and 4.
In the evenings, expend all my willpower on not buying too much at Powells Books.

Arrive in LA around 6 pm on Saturday, November 4.

Take shuttle to hotel, check in super-quick, then walk (calmly, don't run!) around the corner and down the street and eat dinner somewhere cool 'cause I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!! I am spending 4+ days at the House of The Mouse. I get to see Skellington Jack at the Haunted Mansion, the new Pirates of the Caribbean with Cap'n Jack Sparrow, Monsters Inc. at California Adventure -- I could go on and on and on... And maybe, if I'm very, very lucky, I just might get to see the Christmas decorations, too. It's going to be super-weird being at Disney a) without Mom and b) alone, but I'll try to enjoy myself nevertheless.

Leave LA on Thursday, November 9.
A late afternoon departure means I get to spend about half a day in the park! Arrive in Honolulu around 9pm and fall into bed at Mom's.

Attend the HLA Conference in Waikiki on Friday, November 10 and Saturday, November 11. If it wasn't for the buffet dinner and presentation by Kumu John Lake, I'd see if N and S were free for dinner. Raincheck, ladies?

On Saturday evening, I finally fly back home to Hilo, two weeks and one day after I leave. While it would be nice to laze about and reaquaint myself with my babies, alas, I must away to work on Sunday (although not until 2pm, thank heavens).

Fear not for my kitties -- their grandmother has enough vacation time to be able to hide out at my place and be their servant.

Okay, time to start on the packing list:
winter coat
heavy socks
sweat pants


S.O.B. said...

ME, don't forget to pack me! I'd love to go! Has it been 12 years?! I would almost like to see the B's.


I envy you your trip, and if there were any possible way to go with you I would. In a heartbeat.

S.O.B. said...

ME! You have to pack me! Take me with you, I'm ready to go! Has it been 12 years already? I would almost like to see the B&B show again.


I'm so sorry that you have to go to Uncle Walt's place by your lonesome. I would give anything to go with you. It's the one thing I have wanted to do since 1989.

S.O.B. said...

OK How the hell did that happen?!

Bob said...

HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13th.....Had a nice chat with Bj and am calling him again over the weekend.....Thanks to you !!!!