Thursday, May 27, 2004

Measuring My Curves

Well, I've had another measurement at Curves. No, don't go searching the Archives, thinking you missed something. I didn't post about the last one. And don't look for any specific numbers. You don't get those (yet).

When you sign up at Curves you get measured, and then each month on your anniversary date, you're reminded when you check in to get measured again (so I've had three measurements so far). The nice thing is, you don't have to get measured on that exact date (if you're feeling bloated or something).

Anyway, I want lots of measurements before I'm going to get really excited about them, especially since each time a different person has measured me. It is nice that I've weighed less each time (!) although I know that many different things can affect your weight, so weight loss has never been one of my goals. It's still nice, though.

And my chart shows that I have been losing inches (hips, thighs, arms, etc.). I'll be more excited about that when the trend continues for 6 or 8 months (or the measurer remains constant for 3 or 4). The thought that I'm losing inches is nice, too, but I'm not throwing a party just yet….

But then there's the body fat measurement. They have a machine that they program (age? height? weight? I'm not sure -- if anybody's curious, I'll find out more details) and you hold onto this little machine for a moment and it supposedly measures the percentage and pounds of fat in your body.

Which is the reason why I'm not going straight home to my very lonely cats, the Netflix movies that are waiting, the new bookcase that is longing to be integrated into my library, or the stack of books that I'm behind in reading. Instead, I'm going to exercise. And enjoy it. Why?

Because every month that little machine says that I'm losing body fat!

And that I will get excited about!!

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