Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Mahalo, Kenny!

I don't normally go in for first-day stuff. I don't like crowds and I'm usually too cheap to pay full price (which is why I'm so grateful that S. is willing to get DVDs for me at Costco).

Of course, there are exceptions: I buy Laurie King hardcovers on the laydown date; I'll go see Harry Potter #3 opening night; and I buy Kenny Chesney's CDs on the release date, which is what I did yesterday. I took it home, popped it into the player, and it gave me the momentum to get 3 hours of housework done -- Thanks, Kenny!

I'm thrilled about the three live tracks -- I keep hoping he'll release a live album. "Please Come to Boston" was a nice surprise (what fitting lyrics). I'm especially happy that one of the live versions is "What I Need to Do" since that's the song that got me hooked on Kenny. It wasn't the first song of his that I heard, but it was the one that made me want to hear everything. And it's even better live -- the way he sings the last "And on..." in the chorus just makes me melt....

While it is a good album (found myself dancin' quite a bit), my fave KC CDs (not including Greatest Hits) are:
1. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem
2. In My Wildest Dreams
3. Everywhere We Go

I sure would love to go to one (or more) of his concerts someday...

P.S. For those who read the liner notes, Key West is not the "southern most point in America." In the contiguous 48, yes, but the Big Island touches 19 degrees latitude while KW sits way up at 24. We can't claim to be farthest west (even with Kure Atoll), since Alaska gets to claim the Aleutians, but we've definitely got claim over the south.

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