Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Pirates Extras

More DVDs definitely need to include blooper reels. The Pirates one is thoroughly enjoyable, although much too short...

I'm split on the deleted scenes: some of them I thought they really should have left in and some I'm glad they cut. Mom and I disagree on a couple of them. I didn't take notes, but here's a few thoughts:

What I'm glad they didn't include:
1. The scene in the jail when Jack pulls his gun on Will. I think it would have overdone the "opportune moment" line.
2. When the two pirates are watching Elizabeth put on the dress and the one pirate's eye comes out and he chases it. They didn't need to do that twice.

What I wish they'd left in:
1. The further explanation by Norrington about why he's going after Will and his questioning Elizabeth about her acceptance of his marriage proposal.
2. The "peas in a pod" scene between Jack and Elizabeth.

There was more, but that's all for now.

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